Join us for interactive sessions with these powerful warriors for justice. 


Randi McGinn


Randi McGinn is the senior partner in a five woman, two man law firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is known for her creativity in the courtroom and use of demonstrative evidence to visualize opening, direct, cross-examination and closing argument.

“We stopped asking for just money in our cases. We started asking corporations to make changes."

Sari de la Motte


Sari de la Motte is nationally known as 'the Attorney Whisperer.' She specializes in helping trial attorneys communicate with jurors. Based in Portland, Oregon, she helps attorneys all over the United States prepare for trial and is an expert in nonverbal communication. 

"Jurors are, for all intents and purposes, hostages. Our job is to turn them into willing volunteers who are eager to join our cause."

Karl Malling

Karl E. Malling is a trial attorney, representing the injured and mistreated; obtaining justice for those who insurance companies demean and diminish by delaying, discounting, denying, and in the end, deserting.

"I am committed to the jury system and protecting the rights of individuals from corporate and government indifference."